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Igbo Language and Culture

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On Acadar you learn Igbo language with engaging exercises and fun-fllled games

Interactive and fun

Learning Igbo does not have to be dull. We spice your experience with trivia, activities, and quizzes

Personalized experience

We use cutting edge machine learning to tailor your experience to your level so you can gain more in a short while

Helpful Tips

On Acadar there are no boring lessons. You learn through colourful, bite-sized tips woven into your game

Reports and feedback

We track and measure your progress day by day, week by week

Flexible schedule

You learn at your own pace and at your own time

You learn

  • Igbo grammar
  • Names of things in Igbo
  • Gentle introduction to Igbo food, music, festivals, and traditions
  • Proverbs, folklore, legends

Who needs this?

  • Igbo kids growing up outside Igbo-speaking areas
  • Spouses to Igbo natives who need to understand the language
  • The curious and language adventurer
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