Other People In The Family

Other Members Of Our Family

Members of our immediate or nuclear family include father, mother, brothers and sisters. But there are also other people in our family. These people are related to us by blood and they include:
(a) uncles
(b) aunts
(c) nephews
(d) nieces
(e) cousins

Our uncle is the brother of our mother or father, or the husband of our aunt. Your aunt is the sister of your father or mother, or the wife of your uncle. The children of our uncle or aunt are our cousins.

While the son of your brother or sister is your nephew, the daughter of your brother or sister is your niece. The children of your husband's or wife's brothers or sisters are also your nephews and nieces.

Obligations Of Other Members In The Family

Every member of the family has his or her obligations to the family. For example, the father feeds, clothes and educates members of his family. The mother takes care of the family members by assisting her husband and taking care of the home. Older children in the family can help in looking after the young ones as well as assisting the father and the mother in the farm or at home. These are the duties ofthe immediate family.

However, in Nigeria where the extended family is highly valued, other members of the family also have their own obligations towards every member of the family. Below are some of these obligations:
(a) Caring for one another.
(b) Offering assistance when our parents are too poor to provide our needs. Sometimes, our uncles, aunts and other relations pay our school fees.
(c) Guiding and correcting us when we misbehave. It is believed in Nigeria that a child does not belong to the parents alone but to the community.
(d) Teaching us part of our culture as they show us the mode of greeting, showing respect, etc.
(e) Telling us folk stories which teach us more about life and how to relate to people around us.

The Types Of People You Welcome Into Your Family

In Nigeria, it is a tradition that whoever comes to see you, you should welcome him or her into the family. However, because of the increasing number of criminals, people are cautious on who they welcome into their family. It is only close friends and relations that are welcome into the family.

Disadvantages Of Accepting Other Members Of The Family

Accepting other members of the extended family into our family also has its disadvantages. Below are some of them:
(a) Since we all have different views and opinions about things, there may be a lot of disagreements and quarrels.
(b) This can also lead to misbehaviour from stubborn members of the family.
(c) It can attract people with bad habits and upbringing.
(d) Some may even attract criminals into the home.

Values That Promote Cooperation In The Family

When there are different people with diverse opinions and ideas living together in a family, there may be conflict. In order to live together in harmony and promote good family relationship, all the people in the family should learn to:
(a) Show concern for one another.
(b) Promote the ideas of peace, equity and justice.
(c) Tolerate and respect the views of others.
(d) Cooperate with one another so that there can be unity in the family.
(e) Love and care for one another.

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