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Information And Communication Technology (ICT)

  1. Basic Telecommunication Systems
  2. Basic Electronic Communication Systems
  3. Analogue And Digital Systems
  4. The Internet
  5. The Modem
  6. Services Available On The Internet
  7. Classification Of The Services
  8. Advantages Of The Internet
  9. Disadvantages In The Use Of The Internet
  10. Connecting Your Computer To The Internet
  11. Global System Of Mobile Communication (GSM)
  12. The Principle Of GSM Communication Technology
  13. Components Of GSM Communication Technology
  14. Connection Set-Up
  15. Protecting Your Mobile Phone
  16. Data Processed By GSM Networks
  17. Additional GSM Services
  18. How Satellites Work
  19. Parts Of A Satellite
  20. Power For Satellites

First Aid Materials

  1. First Aid
  2. Materials Inside A First Aid Box

Uses Of Wood, Metals And Metal Alloys

  1. Uses Of Wood
  2. Uses Of Metals
  3. Alloys Of Non-Ferrous Metals

Uses Of Ceramics, Glass, Plastics And Rubber

  1. Uses Of Ceramics
  2. Uses Of Glass
  3. Uses Of Plastics
  4. Uses Of Rubber

Lines And Angles

  1. Lines And Their Types
  2. Bisection Of A Line
  3. Angles
  4. Construction Of Angles

Circles And Triangles

  1. Circles
  2. Construction Of Circles
  3. Triangles

Quadrilaterals, Polygons And Plane Figures

  1. Quadrilaterals
  2. Construction Of Quadrilaterals
  3. Polygons
  4. Areas Of Plane Figures
  5. Construction Of Plane Figures Of Equal Areas
  6. Reducing A Plane Figure To Half Its Area
  7. Enlarging A Plane Figure To Twice The Size Of The Original One

Metalwork Hand Tools

  1. Marking Out Tools
  2. Measuring Tools
  3. Cutting Tools
  4. Driving Tools
  5. Holding Devices
  6. General Care Of Hand Tools

Energy-Based Technology Appliances

  1. Electrical Energy-Based Appliances
  2. Parts, Operations And Uses Of Electrical Energy-Based Appliances
  3. Electro-Mechanical Energy Appliances
  4. Chemical Energy-Based Appliances
  5. Motors And Generators

Transmission And Utilisation Of Electricity

  1. Principles Of Transmission Of Electric Power
  2. Transmission Of Electric Power At Low Frequency
  3. Transmission Of Electric Power At High Frequency
  4. Classification Of Radio Waves
  5. Basic Power Transmission Equipment
  6. How Electricity Is Supplied To Domestic Houses
  7. Types Of Electricity Consumers
  8. Control Equipment For Supplying Electricity To A Building

Site Preparation And Setting Out

  1. Site Preparation
  2. Site Preparation Tools And Equipment
  3. Site Preparation Techniques For Setting Out
  4. Setting Out
  5. Steps In Setting Out By The 3-4-5 Method
  6. Setting Out By The Use Of The Builders Square
  7. Excavation For Foundation
  8. Termite Treatment

Simple Maintenance

  1. Types Of Maintenance
  2. Maintenance Of Domestic Appliances And Equipment
  3. Maintenance Of Furniture
  4. Maintenance Of Kitchenware
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