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Self-Paced Learning

Puberty, Personal Hygiene and Adolescence

  1. Meaning of Puberty and Adolescence
  2. Signs of Puberty
  3. Menstrual Hygiene
  4. Body Odour
  5. Importance of Personal Hygiene
  6. Ways of Maintaining Good Personal Hygiene
  7. Characteristics of Adolescents
  8. Special Needs of Adolescents

Sexually Transmitted Diseasesand HIV/AIDS

  1. Types of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (Stds)
  2. Signs of HIV/AIDS
  3. How HIV/AIDS Spreads
  4. Ways HIV Infection Can Be Prevented
  5. HIV/AIDS Test
  6. Treatment of HIV/AIDS
  7. Guidelines for Caring for People With HIV/AIDS
  8. Consequences of Self-Medication

the Impact of Family Values On Life Style

  1. Meanings of Values and Life Styles
  2. Types of Values
  3. Types of Life Style
  4. Importance of Value System to the Individual
  5. Importance of Value System to the Family
  6. Importance of Value System to the Society
  7. Factors That Influence Values
  8. Ways Value System Impact On Life Styles

Human Rights and Violation

  1. Meaning of Right
  2. Fundamental Rights of Every Nigerian Person
  3. Rights of the Child
  4. Basic Principles of Child's Rights
  5. Rights of Women
  6. Violation of Rights
  7. Remedy of Breach of Fundamental Rights

Family Conflict

  1. Meaning of Conflicts
  2. Causes of Conflicts In Families
  3. Negative Results of Conflicts
  4. Ways of Resolving Conflicts
  5. Some Important Guidelines In Conflict Resolution

Family Crisis

  1. Meaning of Family Crisis
  2. Different Types of Family Crisis
  3. Arrival of a New Baby
  4. Clashes of Personality
  5. Relocation of Family
  6. Change of Job/Employment
  7. Loss of Job/Employment
  8. Divorce
  9. Problems At School
  10. Crop Failures, Declining Markets and Natural Disasters
  11. Illnesses and Accidents
  12. Death of a Family Member
  13. Other General Strategies for Managing Family Crisis

Food Nutrients

  1. Meaning of Nutrition
  2. Meaning of Nutrients
  3. Types, Sources and Functions of Food Nutrientsand Their Deficiency Diseases

Food Preparation

  1. Food Hygiene
  2. Guidelines and Roles for Food Hygiene
  3. Guidelines for Successful Cooking and Serving of Simple Meals
  4. Preparation of Beverages. Preparation of Fruit Drinks
  5. Soya Bean Milk Drink
  6. Preparation of Snacks
  7. Washing-Up After Meal Preparation

Managing Family Clothing

  1. General Guidelines On Proper Storage and Care of Clothes
  2. Methods of Storing Family Clothes
  3. Simple Garment Repair Methods

Household Linen

  1. Types of Household Linen
  2. Curtains and Draperies
  3. Bed Linen
  4. Table Linen
  5. Bathroom Linen
  6. Kitchen Linen
  7. Other Household Linen
  8. Factors That Influence the Selection of Household Linen
  9. Procedures for Maintaining Household Linen

the Family House

  1. Sitting Or Living Room
  2. Dining Room
  3. Kitchen
  4. Bedroom
  5. Bathroom
  6. Toilet

Equipment and Materials for Household Maintenance

  1. Classes of Cleaning Agents
  2. Home-Made Cleaning Agents
  3. Home-Made Furniture Polish
  4. Guidelines for the Use of Cleaning Agents
  5. Cleaning Equipment

Guidelines for House Care and Maintenance of Surfaces In the Home

  1. Meaning of House Care and Maintenance
  2. Reasons for the Care and Maintenance of the House
  3. General Guidelines for House Care and Maintenance
  4. Care of Floor and Floor Surfaces
  5. Care of Wood and Wood Surfaces
  6. Care of Glass Surfaces and Objects

Maintenance of the Family House

  1. Care of the Sitting Room
  2. Care of the Dining Room
  3. Care of the Bedroom
  4. Care of the Kitchen
  5. Safety Practices In the Kitchen
  6. Care of the Bathroom
  7. Care of the Toilet
  8. One-Room Apartment
  9. Uses of Home Surroundings
  10. Care of Home Surroundings

Basic Sewing Processes: Seams and Edge Finishes

  1. Seam Finishes
  2. Advantages of Seam Finishes
  3. Seam Finishing Processes
  4. Edge Finishes
  5. Uses of Edge Finishing
  6. Facings
  7. Guidelines for Attaching Facings
  8. Types of Facings
  9. Hems
  10. Guidelines for Making a Hem

Body Measurements and Basic Pattern Drafting

  1. Tools for Taking Body Measurement
  2. Guidelines for Taking Body Measurement
  3. Basic Body Measurement
  4. Patterns for Garments
  5. Advantages of Commercial Patterns
  6. Disadvantages of Commercial Patterns
  7. Pattern Markings and Symbols
  8. Drafted Patterns
  9. Advantages of Drafted Pattern
  10. Disadvantages of Drafted Patterns
  11. Pattern Drafting
  12. Adaptation of Block Patterns for Simple Blouse
  13. Making a Simple Blouse
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