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Nigerian Federalism

  1. Origin Of Nigerian Federalism
  2. Major Constitutional Conferences That Led To The Establishment Of Federalism In Nigeria

Nature And Structure Of Nigerian Federalism

  1. Factors Necessitating Federalism In Nigeria
  2. The Structure Of Nigerian Federalism
  3. Features Of Nigerian Federalism

Problems Of Nigerian Federalism

  1. Revenue Allocation
  2. Minority Issue And Creation of States
  3. Issue Of Secession
  4. Boundary Disputes Among The Component Units
  5. Duplication Of Institutions
  6. Lack Of Prompt Decision Making And Implementation
  7. Federal Character
  8. Inter-ethnic Rivalry and Ethnicity

Development of Political Parties: Political Parties Before 1966

  1. Nigerian National Democratic Party (NNDP)
  2. The Nigerian Youth Movemen (N. Y. M.)
  3. The National Council Of Nigeria And The Cameroon (NCNC)

Pre-Independence Political Parties

  1. The Action Group (AG)
  2. The Northern People's Congress (NPC)
  3. Other Minor Political Parties
  4. Problems Of Pre-Independence Political Parties In Nigeria

Political Parties In The First And Second Republic

  1. Political Party Alliances Of The First Republic
  2. Political Parties In The Second Republic In Nigeria
  3. The National Party Of Nigeria (NPN)
  4. Unity Party Of Nigeria (UPN)
  5. Nigeria People's Party (N.P.P.)
  6. Other Minor Political Parties

Political Parties In The Third Republic In Nigeria

  1. National Republican Convention (NRC)
  2. Social Democratic Party (SDP)

Political Parties In The Fourth·Republic In Nigeria

  1. Alliance For Democracy (AD)
  2. All Peoples Party
  3. People's Democratic Party (PDP)
  4. Other Political Parties

Major Political Crises In Nigeria

  1. Kano Riot Of 1953
  2. Census Crisis Of 1962/63
  3. Action Group Crisis Of 1962
  4. Electoral Crisis
  5. Nigerian Civil War 1967 – 1970
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