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Crop Improvement

  1. Meaning Of Crop Improvement
  2. Aims of Crop Improvement
  3. Mendelian Laws Of Inheritance
  4. Processes of Crop Improvement
  5. Methods of Improving Crop Productivity

Animal Improvement

  1. Meaning of Animal Improvement
  2. Aims of Animal Improvement
  3. Processes of Animal Improvement
  4. Artificial Insemination

Animal Health And Disease

  1. Meaning Of Health And Disease
  2. Terms Used In Animal Health
  3. Factors Which Determine The Degree of An Animal's Resistance to a Disease
  4. Conditions That May Inactivate A Pathogen
  5. Factors That Could Predispose Animals To Disease
  6. Viral Diseases
  7. Bacterial Diseases
  8. Fungal Diseases
  9. Protozoa Diseases
  10. Meaning Of Livestock Parasite
  11. Endoparasites
  12. Ectoparasites
  13. Methods Of Preventing Diseases


  1. Meaning And Types of Aquaculture
  2. Definition And Importance of Fish Farming
  3. Conditions or Factors Necessary For Siting A Fish Pond
  4. Classification of Fishes
  5. Features of a Standard Fish Pond
  6. Establishment and Construction of A Fish Pond
  7. Maintenance of A Fish Pond
  8. Processing And Preservation of Fish
  9. Methods of Fish Harvesting
  10. Basic Laws and Regulations of Fishing

Apiculture (Bee-keeping)

  1. Meaning of Apiculture Or Bee Keeping
  2. Types of Bees
  3. Importance of Bee-keeping
  4. Pioneers of Practical And Commercial Bee-keeping
  5. Methods of Bee Keeping
  6. Composition of Honey
  7. Castes in Bee Colonies
  8. Precautionary Measures in Bee-keeping

Effects of some Farming practices on the Soil

  1. Farming Practices

Animal By-Products

  1. Hides And Skin, Wool and Fur
  2. Horns, Milk And Egg
  3. Meat, ManureAnd Bone
  4. Blood, Feathers And Tail of Animal

Routine Management Practices In Farm Animals

  1. Selection, Culling and Ear-Notching
  2. Tattooing and Chaining
  3. Branding
  4. Debeaking, Dehorning and castration
  5. Restraing of Farm Animals

Agricultural Finance

  1. Meaning Of Agricultural Finance And Credit
  2. Importance Of Agricultural Finance
  3. Meaning Of Agricultural Credit, Agricultural Subsidy And Interest
  4. Sources Of Farm Finance
  5. Implications Of Farm Credits Or Problems Militating Against Farmers In Securing Loans
  6. Problems Militating Against Banks And Organisations In Granting Loans to Farmers
  7. Classification of Credit
  8. Capital Market
  9. Agricultural Business

Farm Records And Accounts

  1. Meaning Of Farm Accounts
  2. Meaning Of Farm Records
  3. Importance OfF ann Accounts And Records
  4. Types OfFann Accounts
  5. Definitions of Some Accounting Terms
  6. Calculations of Depreciation And Salvage Value

Marketing Of Agricultural Produce

  1. Meaning Of Agricultural Marketing
  2. Importance Of Agricultural Marketing
  3. Meaning Of Marketing Agents or Channels
  4. Stages Of Agricultural Marketing
  5. Agents Of Agricultural Marketing
  6. Problems Of Agricultural Marketing
  7. Marketing Functions
  8. Marketing of Export Crops
  9. Guide lines For Exporting Crops In Nigeria
  10. Importance Of Exports To Agricultural Development

Agricultural Insurance

  1. Meaning of Agricultural Insurance
  2. Importance Of Agricultural Insurance
  3. Various Agricultural Risks
  4. Types oflnsurance Policies For Agricultural Production
  5. Insurance Premium
  6. Measurement of Indemnity
  7. Problems of Agricultural Insurance

Agricultural Extension

  1. Meaning Of Agricultural Extension
  2. Objectives Of Agricultural Extension
  3. Roles Or Functions Of Agricultural Extension
  4. Problems Facing Agricultural Extension In Nigeria
  5. Methods Of Disseminating New Ideas And Techniques To Farmers
  6. Agricultural Extension Programmes In Nigeria
  7. Adoption Of Innovation
  8. Qualities, Functions/Roles And Problems Of Agricultural Extension Officer, Agent or Worker
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