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Plant Nutrients And Nutrient Cycles

  1. Macro-nutrients And Micro-nutrients
  2. Functions And Deficiency Symptoms of Plant Nutrients
  3. Factors Influencing Nutrient Availability in the Soil
  4. Methods of Replenishing Lost Nutrients
  5. Ways in Which Soil Nutrients Can Be Lost
  6. Nutrient Cycles
  7. Organic Agriculture
  8. Importance of Organic Agriculture


  1. Definition of Irrigation
  2. Aims of Irrigation
  3. Importance or Effects of Irrigation on Crop Production
  4. Types of Irrigation Systems
  5. Problems Associated With Irrigation


  1. Meaning of Drainage
  2. Importance or Effects of Drainage
  3. Types of Drainage Systems

Agricultural Pollution

  1. Meaning of Agricultural Pollution
  2. Sources or Causes Of Pollution
  3. Air Pollution
  4. Noise Pollution
  5. Land Pollution
  6. Water Pollution

Farm Surveying And Planning

  1. Meaning of Farm Surveying
  2. Importance of Farm Surveying And Planning In Agriculture
  3. Some Common Surveying Equipment/Instruments
  4. Meaning And Importance ofFarm Planning
  5. Factors Necessary For Planning A Farmstead
  6. Principles of Farm stead Layout
  7. Calculation of Area Of Farmland And Plant Population

Forest Management

  1. Meaning of Forest, Forestry And Silvi-culture
  2. Forest Reserves in Nigeria
  3. Importance or Uses of the Forest
  4. Management of the Forest

Agro-Forestry Practices In Nigeria

  1. Meaning of Agro-forestry
  2. Importance of Agro-forestry
  3. Roles of Trees In Agro-forestry
  4. Types of Agro-forestry Practices
  5. Tree Species Suitable For Agro-forestry Practices


  1. Meaning of Floriculture
  2. Importance, Uses, and Benefits of Ornamental Plants
  3. Common Species of Ornamental Trees, Shrubs And Flowers
  4. Cultivation of Ornamental Trees And Flowers
  5. Sources of Planting Materials

Diseases And Pests Of Crops

  1. Meaning of Disease
  2. Selected Diseases of Crops
  3. General Effects of Diseases on Crop Production
  4. General Control of Crop Plant Diseases
  5. Meaning of Crop Pest
  6. Classification of Insect Pests
  7. Important Pests of Major Crops
  8. Effects or Economic Importance of lnsect Pests in Crop Production
  9. Prevention And Control of Pests
  10. Side Effects of The Various Preventive And Control Methods

Weeds And Weed Control

  1. Meaning of Weeds
  2. Economic Importance Of Weeds
  3. Summary Of Reasons For Controlling Weeds
  4. Benefits Of Weeds To Farmers
  5. Characteristics And Growth Habits Of Selected Weeds
  6. Dispersal Of Weed Seeds And Fruits
  7. Common Weeds Found On Farms
  8. General Control of Weeds, Grasses and Legumes
  9. The Cultural Methods of Weed Control
  10. Reasons Why Weeds Are Difficult To Control

Types And Classification Of Farm Animals

  1. Definition And Types Of Farm Animals
  2. Classification Of Farm Animals

Anatomy And Physiology Of Farm Animals

  1. Meaning Of Anatomy And Physiology
  2. Major Parts Or Divisions Of Farm Animals
  3. Digestive System
  4. Circulatory System
  5. Respiratory System
  6. Nervous System
  7. Organs Of Farm Animals

Animal Reproduction

  1. Meaning Of Reproduction
  2. Reproductive System in Mammals And Poultry
  3. Oestrus Cycle and Heat Period
  4. Mating and Gestation Period
  5. Ovulation and Parturition
  6. Fertilization and Lactation
  7. Process Of Egg Formation In Poultry
  8. Main Reproductive Hormones And Their Functions

Environmental Physiology

  1. Meaning Of Environmental Physiology
  2. Effects Of Changes In Climate On Growth
  3. Effects Of Changes In Climate On Reproduction
  4. Effects Of Changes In Climate On Milk Production
  5. Effects Of Changes In Climate On Egg Production

Livestock Management

  1. Meaning Of Livestock Management
  2. Poultry
  3. Pig
  4. Rabbit
  5. Cattle
  6. Goat

Animal Nutrition

  1. Meaning Of Animal Nutrition
  2. Effects Of Feed Shortage In Animal Production
  3. Classification Of Livestock Feed
  4. Food Nutrients of Livestock
  5. Types of Ration and their Uses
  6. Factors affecting The Type Of Ration To Feed an Animal
  7. Ration Formulation
  8. Malnutrition In Farm Animals

Range Land Management

  1. Meaning of Rangeland And Pasture
  2. Importance of Rangeland
  3. Characteristics of Rangeland
  4. Common Grasses of Livestock In Rangeland
  5. Factors Affecting The Level of Production of Herbage
  6. Methods Of Rangeland And Pasture Improvement

Basic Economic Principles

  1. Basic Concepts of Economics
  2. Wants
  3. Scarcity
  4. Scale of Preference
  5. Choice
  6. Opportunity Cost
  7. Law of Diminishing Returns

Factors Of Production

  1. Definition of Production
  2. Land
  3. Labour
  4. Capital
  5. Management or Entrepreneur

Principles Of Demand And Supply

  1. Introduction
  2. Demand
  3. Supply
  4. Determination of Price By Demand And Supply
  5. Implications of Demand And Supply on Agricultural Production
  6. Price Support, Price Control And Subsidy Programme
  7. Ways Government Agencies Give Price Support To Fanners

Functions And Problems Of Farm Manager

  1. Meaning of Farm Manager
  2. Functions of A Farm Manager
  3. Problems of A Farm Manager
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